Del Valle Park
We took some time to look at a campground closer to home. Del Valle is in the hills of Livermore. We were there for three days. It is a nice family oriented park. There are lots of camping spots, some with hook-ups. They are grassy and very level. The only drawback is, it needs more shade trees. We saw a lot of wildlife wondering around camp. Ground squirrels, deer, turkeys, and LOTS of woodpeckers. In the summer there is a large beach area with lifeguards and picnic areas.

On one day we strolled down the streets of downtown Livermore. It is quaint with lots and outdoor eateries. They are dog friendly. Indy was welcome everywhere and water bowls are outside most shops.

Livermore has the longest burning lightbulb. The Centennial Light is located in the fire station 6. It has been on for over 100 years. The fireman was happy to show it to us.

We also took a drive to Pleasanton. It is another cute downtown. We have driven past these towns thousands of times and never thought anything about them. In April I met my high school friend Linda in Livermore, it is the halfway point for each of us. We had a wonderful day shopping and catching up. If she hadn't suggested meeting there to see a quilt shop I would never have thought about going.
This is the old jail and fire station where the Centennial Light Bulb was lit in 1901. it was moved to the new firehouse in 1976.